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Get out of debt today. All you need is a job and a bank account and Semrad Law will file your case for no up-front cost to you. We even advance the filing fee.


Stop foreclosure, save your home. Even if your sale date is today.



Stop the repo man, get your car back, maybe even lower your car payment.



Get that garnishment off your check.



Eliminate payday loans, credit card debt, medical bills, IRS debt. Get a fresh start.

Chapter 7 Relief and $0 Up-Front

We'll even advance your filing fee.

Watch how it works:

Most lawyers offer payment plans in Chapter 7s, but they won't help you with the $335 you need for the court filing fee. If you're struggling to pay the bills, where are you supposed to get that?


Now, as long as you've got a job and a bank account, DebtStoppers will advance the filing fee to the court on your behalf. That means you can get the relief you need today and pay nothing up-front.


Call DebtStoppers now and arrange a free consultation with a DebtStoppers attorney. There's no longer any reason to put off the financial freedom you've been waiting for.

It's true. No more debt. $0 Up-front.
$0 Money Down CH7

Repossession in Atlanta

Stop the Repo | Get Your Car Back

Lower Your Monthly Payment

If you don't have perfect credit and you need to hold onto a car in Atlanta, the odds are against you. If your credit isn't good, the loan terms and interest rates are set up to make you fail. And there's no hiding from the repo man anymore, either. Because every sub-prime car comes with electronics installed that shut off the car if you're late with a payment.

The Georgia auto industry may not be on your side, but  Semrad Law and the bankruptcy statutes definitely are.

Semrad Law's Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys can get you immediate relief. A Semrad bankruptcy plan can stop the repo, get your vehicle back and lower your monthly payment so you can afford your car again. Call DebtStoppers for a free consultation today.

You Don't Have to Lose
Your Home to Foreclosure
Semrad Law can save your home
and lower your monthly payments
so you can afford to stay in it.

If you're behind in your mortgage payments, being threatened with foreclosure, even if you've already been given a sale date, Robert Semrad and the Semrad Law Firm can save your home and make sure you can afford your payments going forward.

If you're behind on your mortgage payments or facing foreclosure — even if your sale date is today — Semrad Law can stop the foreclosure and save your home.

Call today to set up your free consultation with a Semrad Law Chapter 13 attorney. We can stop the foreclosure and eliminate your non-mortgage bills to lower your total monthly payments. So you can keep your family in your home.



Semrad Law Sr. Partner, Rob Semrad
Rob Semrad
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Using the legal remedy of personal bankruptcy protection, Rob Semrad and his debt relief firms DebtStoppers and Semrad law, have helped thousands of Georgia families overcome the pain of foreclosure, wage garnishment, car repossession and harassment from unscrupulous creditors.
Spend a few minutes watching as several real Semrad clients talk about their experiences with our firm.

Real Semrad Clients

Real Debt Relief

If your paycheck is garnished,

they can take up to 25 %.

And that's before taxes.

It happens all the time. One of your creditors sues you for an unpaid debt. Maybe even one that's just a little late. Maybe you didn't see the notice to appear in court. Either way, he showed up and you didn't, got a judgment against you and the paycheck you just got is a bit light. Or a lot light. You've been garnished.

Now you can either pay the debt in full, or live with less money until you can.

Fortunately, there's another way. Come in and see a Semrad Law attorney, and file a bankruptcy plan that will get that garnishment off your check immediately. Call now for a free consultation.



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