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Patrick Semrad

Managing Partner

Patrick Semrad is the managing partner of the Semrad and “DebtStoppers,” bankruptcy law firms of Illinois and Georgia. A graduate of DePaul School of Law, Pat has been a bankruptcy practitioner for 13 years.  His responsibilities currently include oversight of all firm operations. 

Bankruptcy law has given Pat the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of thousands of Semrad Law clients. He has dedicated his professional life to creating a responsive and empathetic team of attorneys focused on bringing the advantages of legal bankruptcy protection to all those who need it.

Patrick 's bankruptcy law experience has led him to a new endeavor designed to make the bankruptcy attorneys practice more efficient and profitable — the creation and marketing of the StratusBK bankruptcy practice platform from technology pioneer, Stratus Intelligence, where he currently serves as a board member. 




The Semrad Bankruptcy Law Firm

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