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The Semrad Bankruptcy Law Firm

1447 Peachtree St. NE, STE. 701, Atlanta, GA 30346


Tel:  844-563-6100


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Rob Semrad

Senior Partner

Rob Semrad founded the Semrad Bankruptcy Law Firm in 2003 and began practicing in Georgia's Northern District in 2009. His firm has since grown to become one of Georgia's largest consumer bankruptcy filers.


Better known in the Atlanta metro area as DebtStoppers, Semrad Law combines legal expertise with a unique empathy for clients who find themselves caught between predatory lending schemes and economic uncertainty beyond their control. The attorneys of the Semrad Law Firm strive to make a difference, and have done just that for thousands of Georgia families.

Rob Semrad's drive to make bankruptcy protection available and affordable to all those who need it has led him into entrepreneurship and the Chairman's role at Stratus Intelligence, whose bankruptcy practice platform, StratusBK is now being used by bankruptcy attorneys nationwide.

Rob works hard to give back to the communities his firms serve, and he has formed to pursue that work the Robert J. Semrad Foundation. He's partnered with media and charitable groups throughout metro Atlanta to bring about change for the better and impoved life for our citizens.

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